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In July of 2013 as a result of the Allard injunction ruling in the Federal Court of Canada, the Canadian government enacted a set of regulations concerning the production, distribution and use of medical marijuana. These laws allow individuals to grow marijuana in Canada legally. 


The Allard ruling found out that the requirement that one needs to buy marijuana for medical purposes from licensed marijuana producers violated medical- marijuana users right to life, liberty and security since it restricted them from having reasonable access to marijuana.


In light of this, the new regulations introduced allowed individuals to start cultivation of marijuana once they have received a Health Canada growing license certificate. These laws are referred to as Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR)


The ACMPR regulations list some steps that one needs to follow to apply for an ACMPR production license. The initial step is to meet with your medical practitioner for him or her to evaluate if you do need cannabis to treat your symptoms. Once your doctor ascertains that you need a limited amount of marijuana to treat your symptoms, he or she will issue you with a medical document. 


Once handed a medical report, you will fill an online registration application form which will seek to establish from you if you need to produce a limited amount of marijuana for your medical purposes or if you will want to designate another person to grow the marijuana on your behalf.


If you choose to designate another person to grow cannabis for you, the designated person should meet certain requirements such as they must be of the age 18 years or older and that they should be living in Canada. 


Further to this, the registration document also contains rules that are planned to aid in maintaining the safety and security of the patient, person designated to produce the cannabis on behalf of the patient, household residents and the nearby communities that the applicants should adhere to them.

The registration document also expects the applicant to comply with all applicable regional/territorial and municipal laws about zoning, electrical safety, fire safety and all related inspection and remediation requirements


It is of paramount importance to know that as an applicant, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that all your cannabis plants are far from the reach of children and any other person. Once you have filled in all these requirements and you, have agreed to the terms and condition for licensing, you then attach the medical document to the application form and submit it for approval by Health Canada. Look up Health Canada registration grow license online to get started. 


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